Groupage Services

We offer a Groupage service starting from the M62 corridor of the UK (Liverpool across to Hull) working South in the United Kingdom

Our trailers load on a Thursday & Friday of each week in the UK for deliveries into Spain & Portugal the following week.

All our trailers can carry a maximum of 26 standard pallets, Each pallet space in our trailers has a dimension of 1.2 MT x 1 MT x 2.4 MT  & we ask for no more than 1 ton to be loaded on each pallet.

Each Pallet you require loading on our trailers can either be  Frozen , Chilled or ambient goods as our Groupage trailers have split doors in them, This segregates the goods so they travel at the temperature you require them at for when they reach the delivery point.

Thermo Graphic printers are fitted to all our trailers so your goods can be monitored by the drivers while in transit, Whilst these trucks & Trailers are on the ferries either going into Europe or out of Europe we plug the trailers into the Electric on board the boat which keeps the Refrigerators running at the correct temperature required.

Alternatively any pallets that may be required to leave the customer’s premises earlier they can be dropped into one of our Groupage warehouses we have between 0900 Hrs & 1700 Hrs Monday to Friday.

Both the Groupage Warehouses are temperature controlled so your goods will be kept at the correct temperature. These are based in the South East of Kent & also on the South Coast of England in Hampshire. Depending on the destination of the pallets would depend on which Coldstore we would ask for them to be delivered to.